By Francis Scudellari Careless he falls into ritual poseDo dropped, down before this mothering knot;Her gathering brown limbs, machine-carved smoothIn hollow, molded arc, to cradle him; His knees nudge close, drawn by a heavy pulse,Curiosity fed by seeming cord;Hesitant he fingers the glassy skin,Conceiving ways through this liquid portal; Pressed tips against her bulged belly … Read moreTELEVISION


By: FRANCIS SCUDELLARI ABOUT THE ARTIST: FRANCIS SCUDELLARI of CAUGHT IN THE STREAM (Abstracting Art From Life), is an artist extraordinaire. He draws/paints, writes short stories and poems. His poems have a particular enigmatic appeal that leaves the reader a wide variety of wondrous interpretations. His artist’s hand reminds me of Gadamer ‘s hermeneutic approach … Read moreA GUEST POST – UNTITLED