Robert Redford Revitalizes Sundance Film Festival for London

Two-time Oscar awardee, Robert Redford, will revitalize the Sundance Film Festival by bringing it to London on April 26 to 29, 2012. This is according to entertainment news sites, March 22, 2011.

American Idol Season 10 will Start Online Voting through Facebook

The American Idol Season 10 will start online voting through Facebook by registering at this Tuesday. You must also have a Facebook account to vote. This was announced by American Idol, February 24.

Randy Newman Won the Best Original Song for Toy Story 3 in the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Night 2011

Randy Newman won the Best Original Song, with his composition “We Belong Together during the 83rd Annual Academy Awards night, February 27, 2011. As reported by entertainment sites, it was Randy Newman’s first Oscar nomination and his second win. He created “We Belong Together” for Toy Story 3.

Spartacus Season 3: “Gods of the Arena” Prequel

Spartacus Season 3: “Gods of the Arena” prequel is an engaging series to watch. Although the series is perceived by many as about sex, violence and gore, the story is meaty and explores credibly that barbaric time when the Romans used gladiators to entertain them.

Johnny Rockets Crew Unaware their Top Boss Was among Them for Undercover Boss Reality Show

Johnny Rockets crew members were unaware that their Top Boss was among them and is being taped for the Undercover Boss Reality Show. Johnny Rockets is a series of American hamburger restaurant chains which is into the franchising business. This was disclosed by International Entertainment sites.