Filipina Caregiver, Rose Fostanes, Dazzled Crowd on X Factor Israel; Got Standing Ovation from Judges and Audience

Filipina caregiver, Rose Fostanes, dazzled the judges and the crowd on the X Factor Israel. Rose sang “This is My Life” by Shirley Bassey. It was the first time that Rose Fostanes performed before a big crowd.

Where to Vote for Miss Philippines-Universe; Winning Contestant Will Earn a Spot in the Semifinals; Preliminary Competition is on November 5

Online voting has started on October 28, 2013 and will last up to November 8. Where can fans vote for their favorite Miss Universe candidates? To vote for Miss Philippines-Universe, fans can vote here at

Entertainment News Updates: Fighter Jets for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Wedding

Reportedly, Kanye West is thinking about fighter jets for his upcoming wedding with Kim Kardashian. His proposal to Kim Kardashian was unique, as well, with an orchestra and a 15-carat engagement ring.

Miss Philippines, Ariella Arida, Pre-Pageant Favorite; is among Top 6 Miss Universe Contestants Chosen for Mercedes Benz’s TV Commercial

Miss Philippines. Ariella Arida, remains to be a pre-pageant favorite as she continues to dazzle the crowd. She is, again, among the Top 6 Miss Universe Contestants chosen for the TV Commercial of Mercedes Benz.

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