Elise Testone Talks about the Other American Idol Contestants: “I get all protective over them”

Elise Testone talks about the other American Idol contestants in an interview with TV guide, April 30, 2012. Elise revealed that she wanted to keep her composure after her elimination from the American Idol Top 6.

List of British Themed Songs that the Top 5 American Idol 2012 Hopefuls Could Select From for May 2

On May 2, 2012, the Top 5 American Idol contestants will sing British-themed songs. Previously, suggested songs were assigned to each the contestant. To provide a more comprehensive list for you to choose songs for your Top 5 American Idols, here are some British songs from great singers.

Bottom 3 Predictions for May 3, Who Among the Top 5 American Idol 2012 Contestants Will Be Eliminated?

The Bottom 3 prediction for the May 3 American Idol 2012 Results show coming out this early is based on the premise that viewers have all seen the performances of the remaining Top 5 American Idols in almost any genre of music.

Online Polls Top 5 American Idol 2012: Jessica Sanchez Leads Independent Polls for Idol Hopefuls

Jessica Sanchez is leading Independent Online Polls for the Top 5 American Idol 2012 Hopefuls. In a short-lived poll for this site, Jessica led by a wide margin, even with the small voters’ population.

Top 6 American Idol 2012 Hopefuls Perform with Queen’s Roger Taylor and Brian May (Video)

The Top 6 American Idol 2012 hopefuls perform with Queen’s Roger Taylor and Brian May during the Results Show, April 26. It was a fascinating experience as they sang a medley of Queen’s most popular songs.

Lady Gaga Concert Protests: South Korean Concert Admission, 18 and Above Only

Lady Gaga Concert Protests had been raised in South Korea even before the actual concert. Concerned organizations made known that Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” concert would allow admission of persons who are 18 and above only.

“The Avengers” Becomes a Box Office Hit in International Theaters

“Avengers” was a Box Office Hit in international theaters as the movie opened to viewers all over the world. It earned more than $150 million in North America alone.In the Philippines, whole families, couples and all types of moviegoers trooped to the cinemas this weekend to watch their superheroes defeat the villain.

Kristen Stewart Tops Glamour’s World’s Best Dressed Woman; Emma Watson Voted Second

Kristen Stewart tops Glamour’s “World’s Best Dressed Woman of 2012,” while Emma Watson was voted second.The lovely “Twilight” star was reportedly described as “effortlessly on-trend” by the UK Glamour Magazine. Victoria, singer-designer came in third, the Duchess of Cambridge, fourth and Florence Welch fifth.

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