“Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” 3D-Sex Comedy Movie Beats Avatar’s First Day Earnings (Video)

A remake, Hongkong comedy movie , “Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” had beaten the first day earnings of the blockbuster “Avatar” in Hongkong. This was disclosed by entertainment news sites, April 20, 2011.

The Royal Wedding: Most Frequently Asked Questions, Is there a theme song?

The Royal Wedding is just a few days away and Most Frequently Asked Questions surface together with all the glitz and glory that Prince William and Kate Middleton evoke. The wedding would be featured and talked about in all big TV stations, radio, News and all available media. Business establishments will surely earn from their ingenuity in the wedding of the century. Here are some of the Most FAQ about this century’s Royal Wedding ceremony:

Cancellation of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” is Final

The cancellation of two soap operas “All my Children” and “One Life to Live” is final. This was announced by ABC, according to entertainment news sites , April 14, 2011. All my life is canceled for good.

Be Stylish, Chic and Competent with Fashionable Nursing Uniforms

Being in the medical profession, you should present yourself in as an organized, competent and at the same time fashionable dresser. This is because first impressions last. If you are a nurse, then you don’t have to dress shabbily or drably. You can exude competence while being elegant and fashionable in your nursing uniforms.

US Government Shutdown 2011: Federal Workers, Soldiers Affected, Global Community Watchful

A US government shutdown is looming as the stalemate between Democrats and Republicans over budget cuts continues. Federal workers are disheartened because they will bear the major brunt of the event. Meanwhile the global community “watches” as US politicians “haggle” about national financial issues. This was reported by International news sites, March 7 & 8, 2011.

Katie Couric ala Oprah after quitting CBS?

Katie Couric Image Credit: deadline.com Katie Couric will host Talk Show after quitting from CBS; this was reported by Entertainment news sites, April 5, 2011. Couric’s contract with CBS expires June 4 and the question of whether she will renew her contract or not has been left hanging in the air. Presently according to news … Read more Katie Couric ala Oprah after quitting CBS?

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