Saving Time and Money by Shopping Smartly

Shopping for clothes is fun but sometimes, it can be a tedious task, especially for women. Women have the propensity to be choosy and be more stylish in terms of clothing, while men have usually very simple tastes. Children on the other hand can be cute when they dress up for special occassions.I usually shop … Read moreSaving Time and Money by Shopping Smartly

Making Money with a Blog and Other Online Ventures

When I first started blogging, one of my intentions was to earn money online. I have read so many online articles advertising this notion. I was disappointed; however, when after three months, I still had no tangible income. All the ad review sites had rejected my blog application. I decided then to forget about earning … Read moreMaking Money with a Blog and Other Online Ventures

A Gentle Touch

Gossamer wings settled on my distended abdomen.The germinal seeds of life squirmed as I start to bend.And listened to the stillness of the joy that it portends.I gently touched you and the angels uttered their “Amens”. The room abounds with lurking white gowned shadows.I touched you once again as pain turned into countless sorrows.The brackish … Read moreA Gentle Touch