A Sample Agenda for Small Meetings

This picture is photographed by Mark Hodgins and is under the creative commons (attribution) , which means – you can freely use the picture but you have to give credit to the photographer. The URL of this photo is http://www.flickr.com/photos/markhodgins/2327077697/I. Opening Prayer II. Thought of the Day III. Reading of the Minutes of the Previous … Read more A Sample Agenda for Small Meetings


You may want to read Chapter 5 first. It was a standoff! “Sir, they won’t budge an inch,” the scrawny private reported to Major Abunda and Lieutenant Antonio. They have been there for almost an hour and no prodding nor cajoling could convince the throng of men, women, and children of Tindayan to leave the … Read more CHAPTER 6 -UMMA AYAM SINSANA (WHERE ARE YOU NOW?)


By Francis Scudellari Careless he falls into ritual poseDo dropped, down before this mothering knot;Her gathering brown limbs, machine-carved smoothIn hollow, molded arc, to cradle him; His knees nudge close, drawn by a heavy pulse,Curiosity fed by seeming cord;Hesitant he fingers the glassy skin,Conceiving ways through this liquid portal; Pressed tips against her bulged belly … Read more TELEVISION

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